Website design and hosting for schools

Why we started Schooling Uganda

Social media & internet useage are growing rapidly in Uganda. To attract students & keep up with your competitors, it's important to have a great website & online marketing strategy. But building a great website for your school isn't easy. Hiring a contractor to build your website is time consuming and expensive. And some contractors are not up to date with the latest technologies and might build you a site which looks unprofessional or doesn't function on mobile phones. Costs don't end once your website is online. You'll still need to make occasional changes to your website and engage in marketing activities to ensure that your site is the top result on Google when people search for your school.

Beautiful, customizable & mobile friendly website designs

Schooling Uganda is here to help! Our platform makes it easy to create a beautiful website for your educational institution. We have years of experience in website development and online marketing and we know what works and what doesn't when it comes to websites. For a low price, we'll build you a beautiful, mobile friendly website which works for your school. We can give you a free subdomain (for example "") or we can help you register your own custom domain name. By choosing Schooling Uganda, you can rest easy knowing that you'll get an attractive and functional website which meets all the needs of your website visitors.

Secure, lightning fast web hosting

Schooling Uganda websites are hosted on fast and reliable Linux SSD servers located in Europe. We have years of computer security expertise and our computer security experts employ industry leading technologies & practices to ensure that your data is backed up and safe from viruses and computer hackers across the globe.

Effective online & offline marketing services

We don't stop once we get your website online. When you sign up with Schooling Uganda, you'll automatically be included in our online marketplace. As a member of this marketplace, we'll include your school in all of our marketing efforts. We are Uganda's top database of schools: students, parents, government entities and international partners use our website every day to find out information about schools in Uganda. Sign up today to ensure that you're showing your best face to potential students and international donors.

We don't only engage in online marketing. We also run TV, radio and newspaper ads across Uganda to guarantee that information about your school reaches all of Uganda's communities.

Track the performance of your website

Schooling Uganda includes data visualization tools which allow you to see how much traffic your website is getting. Just log in at any time, enter dates and we'll show you a chart of how many people viewed your website for each day during that time period. This is a great way to track the performance of your website & marketing campaigns to make sure that you're getting value from your marketing expenses.

Fantastic customer service

At Schooling Uganda, we are 100% committed to providing amazing customer service to our clients. We are based in Uganda and have representatives in every district across the country. Any time you need assistance with your website or online marketing, feel free to give us a call or arrange to meet one of our representatives in person.

Silver Subscription

  • 100,000/= per year
  • 1GB web hosting
  • Be featured in silver advertising slots
  • Basic tech support
  • No domain or sub-domain
  • Up to 10 photos
  • No Facebook ad credits
  • No bulk SMS credits
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Gold Subscription

  • 200,000/= per year
  • 2GB web hosting
  • Be featured in gold advertising slots
  • Priority tech support
  • Free sub-domain
  • Up to 20 photos
  • 20,000/= in Facebook ad credits per year
  • 20,000/= bulk SMS credits per year
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Platinum Subscription

  • 350,000/= per year
  • 5GB web hosting
  • Be featured in platinum advertising slots
  • Premium tech support
  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited photos
  • 50,000/= in Facebook ad credits per year
  • 50,000/= bulk SMS credits per year
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To get started, please call +256 787383301

Additional Services

All of the benefits listed above are included in our Platinum, Gold and Silver subscription packages. But we also offer other services which are charged separately.

Receive payments by Mobile Money & credit card

If your educational institution receives donations from domestic or international partners, we may be able to streamline your payment channels. You can simply add a "Donate" or "Buy Now" button to your school website and begin accepting payments by Mobile Money and credit card.

Notification services (bulk SMS & email delivery)

For your convenience, we have added bulk SMS and email delivery tools into the Schooling Uganda platform. You can use these tools to notify students, parents or other members of your community about upcoming events, emergencies or changes to your school schedule. To begin sending SMS simply upload your contact list, create your message, top up the balance by making a mobile money payment and then blast out your message to your contacts.