JE-SEPH Primary school

Location:    Wakiso District / Division B Subcounty / Kigungu Ward Parish / Special Area Village

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About Us


Name: JE-seph preparatory school,

Location: Kigungu ward on mayanzi road 31303 ,P.O Box 968 Entebbe

 approximately 150 meters and just 60 meters on the right after kigungu play ground.

Vision: “you will be judged as you grow and when you have grown”.

JE-seph is an abbreviation for: Jesus for security, protection and hope

School mission:

 To provide basic, meaning full and practical education to every school-going age Ugandan child.

School motto:

“a touch for life” which has an implication on spiritual moral, ordinary lives-salvation, behavior, knowledge and life skills.

The learning is conceptual other than drilling to pass examinations.

The learners and parents who have worked with us and the secondary schools that have can testify on this.


The school was started in 1982 after two parents had seen the need for a nursery school in the area.

Primary classes were started in 1997. It is now a private primary school licensed and registered with the ministry of education and sports license number, ME/2217 and registration PPS/J/25 respectively center No.280006.

 The  school founders are, Mr. and Mrs. Ediau in partnership.

They are all (both) holders of Diplomas in primary Education (kyambogo university).

Mrs. Achola Debprah Ediau is the school Director and Mr.Ediau John B.P is the head teacher.

School Admission requirements:

a)    Learners

                               I.            The minimum age for enrollment in primary one is 6 years, though the mission talks of child, the school can accept even adults in compliance with universal primary education.

                            II.            Competence in concepts for the classes is applied for-literacy and numeracy.

                         III.            An applicant must have a school report of the previous school end of year or term to justify success of the previous levels/classes.

NB: Religious denominations are not considered.

b)   Teachers

·        Must be  qualified and registered teachers with ministry of education and sports.

·       Should be able to express themselves orally and in writing.

·       Parental and affectionate to learners and fellow teachers.

·       Good temperament and association with learners and co-teachers.

NB: religious denominations are not considered but born again are a preference.

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