Destiny Primary School

Location:    Wakiso District / Division B Subcounty / Kigungu Ward Parish / Special Area Village

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Destiny primary school is a private Christian founded school located in mayanzi kigungu subward division “B” Entebbe municipality Wakiso district.

It was founded by Mr.sserwanga ceaser, who had a vision to eradicate illiteracy among the young generation in kigungu fishing community.

The major economic activity in this area is fishing and if the young stars are not educated enough to handle this rich natural resource, it would eventually result into fish depletion and a danger to all that directly or indirectly depend on fishing along the shores of Victoria.

The school started with 3 children who were conducting their lessons under tree shades and over the years it has impacted more than 2000 young stars from different parts of Uganda enriching them with quality education and good Christian values under some permanent structures.


To transform society through education and teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The school growth, has been stagnated by, low incomes of the parents to meet the basic needs of scholars ranging from simple books, food, medical care, safe drinking water among others which are needed for effective learning of the children.

The classroom structures are not enough as well and some of the children are still studying under temporary un friendly structures and a times under tree shelters.

The school also faces a challenge of lack of electricity though its located in an urban setting where there is access to the national power grid.

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